Vratsa’s beauty: From Lyuba Yotsova to Radost Todorova

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27 January 2021
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27 January 2021

You’ve probably heard about the beautiful woman from Vratsa. She has pure class and finesse, and when she attends any celebration even the biggest names – true connoisseurs of art and beauty appreciate her looks. The collective image of this local beauty – Mara Vrachanka, has faced worthy rivals for the title of “Most Beautiful Woman in The World”

The first Miss Bulgaria is the beautiful Lyuba Yotsova from Vratsa. She was born in the family of one of the biggest tradesmen – the Yotsovi family. They were egg merchants, probably the largest on the Balkans of that time.

Lyuba Yotsova “came back to life” in the memories of her fellow citizens in an exhibition. It was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the first beauty pageant and on 30 years since her passing.

The exposition “One story, one family, one Miss Bulgaria…” was arranged by the Youth Home – Vratsa and the State Archives. Vessela Pelova and Rositsa Stoyanova, who were working on the topic, revealed that finesse, beauty, high education and perfect command of several languages were among the strengths of the first Miss Bulgaria. Her roots were in Etropole, she was born in Vratsa but lived in Sofia. And her beauty and charisma were known to cause a huge exaltation.

The first Miss Bulgaria contest was held at the City Casino in Sofia on January 30, 1929. The casino was the second-largest venue in Sofia at that time, second only to the Military Club, and today houses the City Art Gallery. It was organized by Daniel Krapchev and his newspaper “Zora” (“Dawn”). The jury was composed of: Prof. Asen Zlatarov, Chairman and members – Andrey Nikolov, Kostanza Kirova, Dobri Nemirov, Stefan Ivanov, Nikola Marinov, Rayko Alexiev and Danail Krapchev. All those renowned names held the class of the graduate of the French college “Notre Dame” in Ruse in very high regards. The aim of the pageant was to show the beautiful face of Bulgaria and the national spirit by beautiful female faces. And quite naturally Lyuba Yotsova caused a real furor in her participation in the competition.

e looks and mind of 22-year-old Lyuba Yotsova brought her high recognition. She was ranked among the top five at the first Miss Europe pageant in Paris where she was noticed among dozens of other beautiful ladies and was remembered by the jury as the most intelligent participant in the competition. Lyuba Yotsova received an invitation to participate in “Miss Universe” in the US in the same year, but she turned it down and returned to Bulgaria. There was a lot of noise around her for a whole year – she was invited everywhere, where she was applauded and signed autographs. Later she married the lawyer Vasil Veselinov, had a happy marriage and two children.

In Vratsa, the Yotsovi family left a trace not only as successful egg merchants, but also as patrons and active public figures.

90 years ago there were no special conditions for the physical data of the candidates, unlike today. There was no need for candidates need to cover specific requirements – height, hips and breast circumference. They just needed to be unmarried, between 16 and 25 years old, Bulgarian subjects with a good name, slender, with an elegant figure, a beautiful head with large, expressive eyes, a gentle smile, smart and modest.

lmost 90 years later, another local beauty Radost Todorova turned all eyes on Vratsa with her charm, beauty, perfect measures, gorgeous smile and magnetism. She is born on 15, 1995. A graduate of an elite high school, she won the title of “Miss National Team” as a representative of her hometown in 2014. Only a year later, Radost successfully represented our country at the Miss Universe pageant. She won the hearts of thousands around the world with her sincere reaction towards Miss Philippines Pia Alonso Wurzbach when she invited her to go and take her crown. Hours later, the Bulgarian was given as an example of how to support in difficult times. The hashtag #MissBulgaria became popular on social media, and a number of world-famous show business names also used it.

Thus, the phrase “Everyone needs a Miss Bulgaria in their life” gained worldwide popularity. Meanwhile, Radost became an advertising face of many famous Bulgarian and European brands. In 2017 she again got the focus on the beauty of our homeland by taking part in the video for the song “Zaidi”.

As transient as beauty is, the two ladies proved that the Northwest has some of the most charming women, ready to conquer even the world catwalks with ease.

Photos from www.facebook.com/MissUniverse are used in the post

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