Vratsa Balkan Adventure Festival


01-04 july, 2021


Vratsa Balkan Adventure Festival will be held on 1-4 th July 2021 and will take place at
several venues in Vratsa Balkan Nature Park, as well as in Vratsa and the villages of Zgorigrad, Pavolche and Chelopek.

The festival is a collaboration between Vratsa Municipality, Vratsa Balkan Nature Park and Ecotour Consulting agency in association with Open Vratsa tourist platform (openvratsa.bg).

Vratsa Balkan Nature Park includes most of Vratsa Mountain Range and Lakatnishki Cliffs. It was created for the purpose of preserving the rich bio-diversity of the mountain, very rare animal and plant species. There is also a wide variety of nature sights and tourist attractions, the most popular being the Ledenika Cave. The park offers many exciting tourist routes and picnic spots (vr-balkan.net).

Vratsa Balkan Adventure Festival is a one-of-a-kind event which will be held in an innovative format appropriate for the circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. The various activities will be hosted at different locations aiming to avoid large crowds of people. Most activities are planned for the outdoors with a limited number of participants (20-50) thus assuring their safety.

The festival program includes mountain-biking, hiking, rock climbing, photography tours, culinary challenges, traditional foods market, rock music, beer fest etc. If you enjoy nature, hiking in the mountain, adventures, local cuisine or you would like to do some sports after a long period of immobilization at home, then Vratsa Balkan Adventure Festival is tailor-made for you! The program is designated for the extreme experiences enthusiasts
as well as for beginner-adventurers. Special activities are intended for children – eco- and culinary workshops, time travel, meeting fairy-tale characters!

A festival created by the local communities! Some of the activities will be free of charge especially those intended for children, but most of the activities will include a fee, which will ensure the sustainability and regularity of future annual editions of the festival – a special municipal fund will be created by virtue of a share of the income.

The aim of the organizers is the festival to become an annual event which will attract thousands of tourists and to contribute to Vratsa and Vratsa Nature Park in becoming a desired tourist destination for adventure and mountain tourism!

 Vratsa Balkan Adventure Festival is organized with the financial support of America for Bulgaria Foundation regarding Vratsa Balkan Adventure Festival – union of local communities for a successful tourist destination project developed by Ecotour Consulting agency (https://ecotourconsulting.eu).

Contact the organizers:

[email protected]
0885 702 497 – Antonia Chilikova
0878 656 659 – Boriana Statkova

Open Vratsa