The waterfall Skaklya

The waterfall Skaklya is the highest intermittent flowing waterfall in Bulgaria. It is located at one of the most beautiful parts of Vratsa Balkan, south of the town Vratsa.

Depending on the starting point, the walking route to the waterfall can be with a length of 1.5 to 5 km. The beginning of Skaklya starts from the Patleena`s spring and the surrounding valleys.

The altitude at the top of the waterfall is 900 m. It is most water-full in May and June when its flow reaches 200 l/s and, in its wettest years it comes to 300 l/s and the width of the water strip is 20 m. In the winter, when it freezes, you can see different and beautiful ice shapes.

Something even more curious is the climbers who practice ice climbing. There are two opinions about the height of Skaklya.

Depending on where we start measuring - it is 141 m high or 148 m. But this is not important when we speak about its beauty. In the area of the waterfall we can see also remains from the medieval Bulgarian century.

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