Ledenika Cave

While visiting Vratsa, make sure to plan a visit to the Ledenika in your agenda as the cave is one of the most popular tourist attractions nationwide. It welcomed its first visitors back in 1961 and has since been among our most visited caves; it is also one of the 100 top national tourist sites.

The cave is located 16 km away from Vratsa, the turn-off leading to it being immediately after the Vratsata rock landmark, in the Leva gorge. With its numerous rock twists, figures and draperies, the cave is one of the most attractive nationwide. It is also popular with its annual underground concerts during the Botev Days, held from May 24 through June 2. (For the English version: These festivities are dedicated to the great national poet and revolutionary Khristo Botev (1848-1876).)

Since 2019, classical music buffs have been able to enjoy the Music in the Cave Fest during September's first weekend. More information about the fest is available at: https://www.facebook.com/VratsaSymphony/ 

The cave is 320 m long and has ten sections. Its entrance is 830 meters above sea level. Ledenika ("Ice Cave") owes its name to the icicles being formed during the winter months in the first two sections called "The Lobby" taking the shape of ice stalagmites, stalactites, and stalactones. This is where the cave tour begins to run through a low passage named Plaznyata (the Slide) and reach a small round room-like section. There is another bottleneck thereafter leading to the "Great Concert Hall". In it, visitors can see stunning forms, e.g. "Santa Claus", "The Giant's Head", "Baba Yaga's House", etc.

The Ledenika tour continues through several iron bridges to reach a small and a large abyss. Then it passes through the so-called "Curtain Corridor" to reach the "White Hall". Ledenika's highest point is dubbed "the Seventh Heaven". A Laser Show has been put in place as yet one more attraction for visitors.

53 animal species inhabit in the cave. The lucky ones might spot some of the four bat species. The cave's symbol is the tiny light-hater beetle (Fagomizetis ledenikus), which can only live in the darkness of the caves in Vratsa Mountain.

Useful information:

Ledenika is open all round the year. It's pretty chilly inside even in the summer, so have something warmer to put on if necessary. There is also a small clearing in front of the cave entrance with a picnic spot, figurines of fairytale characters and a playground.

More information about the cave, opening hours and prices can be found at http://www.parkledenika.org/

Tel: 092 623553

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