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Vratsata, a natural landmark

Vratsata is a majestic gorge on Leva River, at the foot of the Vratsa Mountain. It rises over 400 m on both sides of the road meandering along the river.

Ledenika Cave

While visiting Vratsa, make sure to plan a visit to the Ledenika in your agenda as the cave is one of the most popular tourist attractions nationwide.
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A forest fairy tale path

If you are coming to the Vratsa area with children, be sure to surprise them with a walk along the Fairy Tale Path, a special venture by the Vratsa Mountain Park management.

A learning curve: The Griffon Vulture in Vratsa Mountain Nature Park (2h)

Do you know which the largest birds of prey in Bulgaria are - the Griffon Vultures! Their body length reaches 110 cm and their wingspan is up to 260 cm!

The Lakatnik Rocks

The Lakatnik (Osikovo) Rocks are a set of beautiful escarpments, slopes, pyramids, pillars, caves and karst springs located on the left bank of the Iskar River between the rivers Opletnenska and Proboinitsa.

Temnata Dupka (Dark Hole Cave)

Temnata Dupka is the longest Stara Planina (Old Mountain) cave (5300 m) and the third longest in Bulgaria. It is located in a rock escarpment above Lakatnik, 27 m above the Iskar River level...

Vratsa Eco-Trail “Borov Kamak”

Having come to the Vratsa Mountain, be sure to set apart at least half a day to walk the eco trail to the Borov Kamak Waterfall, also known as the Vratsa Eco Trail.
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Vratsa Karst

Vratsa Karst was declared a reserve with a total area of 1438.9 ha in 1983

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