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Nature Conservation Centre "Natura"

Ethnographic-revival complex "Nikola Voivodov"

Комплексът включва две възрожденски къщи в типичен средно-български архитектурен стил.

Vratsa Treasures Exhibition

The exposition includes over 300 artifacts made of gold, silver and bronze from different historical periods.

Dimitraki Hadjitoshev House-museum

Dimitraki Hadjitoshev is one of the most intriguing figures of the Bulgarian Renaissance, whom most Bulgarians have never heard of. Do not miss the opportunity to learn about his life and martyrdom and visit his house, which is part of the Vračan Ethnographic Complex.

Grigor Naydenov House Museum

Grigoriy Naydenov (1854-1919) is among the historical figures in Vratsa, honored with the conversion of their birthplace into the complex of Sofroniy Vrachanski. Naydenov was one of the most generous benefactors not only on a local but also on a national scale.

Bas-relief monument of filmmaker Luydmil Kirkov

With fifteen cult works, Kirkov is one of the greats in the local film industry. The titles of all his films are written in golden letters on the Vratchan limestone plinth of his bas-relief.

Mogilan Mound

Explore the ancient burial complex in the heart of Vratsa and discover the fascinating story of the Thracian princess and her incredible treasures!

Bolyar Church

The Bolyar Church "St. Nicholas" is the oldest underground church in Vratsa, dating back to the 16th century.

Ivan Zambin House Museum

Discover the hidden gem of Ivan Zambin's house, located in the heart of Vratsa. It is part of the Sofroniy Vrachanski Renaissance Ethnographic Complex and is a must-see destination for anyone interested in Bulgarian history and culture.

Ethnographic-revival complex St. Sophronius Vrachanski

Explore the rich history and culture of Vratsa at the Ethnographic and Revival Complex Sofroniy Vrachanski, a treasure trove of exhibits and buildings showcasing the region's heritage.

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