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Temnata Dupka Cave

Temnata Dupka is the longest Staroplaninska cave (5300 m) and the third longest in Bulgaria. It is located in a rocky cliff above Lakatnik, 27 m above the level of the Iskar River, on the southeastern slope of the Koznitsa ridge, which is part of the Western Stara Planina.

Vrattsata Mountain Pass

Vrattsata is a majestic gorge of the Leva River, at the foot of the Vrachanska mountain. It rises over 400 m on both sides of the road winding along the river.

Ledenika Cave

"Ledenika" cave is the most popular and most visited landscaped cave in our country.

Osenovlashki Monastery St. Virgin

A journey to the heart of the rich cultural history of Bulgaria - Osenovla Monastery!

Strupeshki monastery St. Prophet Elijah

Discover the cultural heritage of the Bulgarian Strupe Monastery!

Ritlite Rock Phenomenon

Come and see the unique Ritli, immerse yourself in the beauty of nature!

Bozhia Most Rock Phenomenon

Embark on a thrilling adventure on a steep road to witness the awe-inspiring Bridge of God!

Lakatnishki Skali Rock Phenomenon

Journey to the heart of Bulgaria's natural wonders and uncover the secrets of the Lakatnik Rocks!

Cherepish Monastery Assumption of the Virgin

Go back in time and enjoy the beauty of the Cherepish Monastery!

Dyado Yotso Complex

Explore the rich history, culture and nature of Iskar Gorge!

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