Ledenika National Folklore Festival

Националният фолклорен събор „Леденика“ е едно от най-големите събития, посветени на българския фолклор и култура. Той се провежда в красивата планина „Врачански Балкан“, в непосредствена близост до едноименната пещера „Леденика“.

The gathering offers music and dance performances by groups from all over the country, which present authentic Bulgarian dances and songs. It is distinguished by a variety of folk traditions, costumes and instruments, which are characteristic of the different regions of Bulgaria. In addition to musical performances, during the assembly you can enjoy folk crafts and customs that are part of Bulgarian culture and traditions. You can try traditional Bulgarian cuisine and learn more about the history and culture of our country.

Every year there is a registration of prospective newlyweds to participate in the Northern Wedding, which is part of the National Folklore Assembly "Ledenika".

This year, hundreds of performers and traders will take part in the Ledenika National Folklore Assembly.

Over 60 folklore groups and hundreds of traders from all over the country will participate in the sixth edition of the National Folklore Assembly "Ledenika". The attractive event started on June 24 /Saturday/ with a recreation of the "New Year's Eve" custom. The program will continue with performances by self-made and folk ensembles, a concert by the "Pirin" duo, folk fights, a competition for authentic costumes, a performance by groups for stylized folklore, as well as a concert by Yanko Nedelchev and cookery games. The culmination of the first day of the Assembly is the nestinar dance performed by Nikolay Topchiyski.

The program of the festival continues on June 25, when the "Kalesvane" custom will be presented in the Ledenika area, and the "Epodai" pipe band will impress the attendees with their performances. Raiko Kirilov will take care of the good mood of the attendees. According to tradition, on the second day of the assembly, the authentic Northern wedding will be recreated, and the program will continue with a wedding reception, a concert by Slavka Kalcheva and performances by the "Vivo Montana" orchestra.

Visitors to the event will be able to taste green olive beer, sand coffee, meat delicacies and ecological products. Thematic children's corners and workshops are provided for the youngest residents and guests of Vratsa.

The municipality of Vratsa will provide free transport for the two days of the folklore festival.

Информация за Община Враца

Община Враца

Община Враца организира редица събития през цялата година! От културни събития до най-различни развлечения!

Снимки от събитието

Локация на провеждане

Пещера Леденика, Враца, България

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