30 March 2021

Botev’s notebook in the digital archive

Part of Bulgaria’s literary heritage is now accessible to the general public through the power of modern technologies. The modest diary with black covers, which is […]
16 March 2021

The Cherepishka sword is in the right hand of the legendary rebel leader Hristo Botev until his last breath

For more than 142 years, the life of the legendary voivode Hristo Botev has been shrouded in a mist of unknown and unproven assumptions. Sharp controversies […]
16 March 2021

Tsvetoslav Ionov: I‘ve always believed that the festival will grow into something bigger

This year the event will be streamed live online 2008. Vola Peak. It was very warm and everything happened very easily. This is the memory that […]
3 February 2021

The Rock Legends of King Bair, the Chariot, and the Chariots

The majestic rocks near Vratsa reveal mysterious legends of heroism and betrayal. Some of them even resemble fairy tales, magically sealed on the stone. The rocks […]
3 February 2021

Vratsa’s Skaklya Waterfall Amazed the Turkish Pasha With its Beauty

The name of the waterfall Skaklya is shrouded in a legendary halo. The locals tell a beautiful story – at the end of Ottoman slavery, during […]
27 January 2021

The “Festive Season” in Vratsa Starts on St. Nicholas Day

The most special place in the holiday calendar of Vratsa is occupied by the so-called “Entertainment season”. It began on St. Nicholas Day and ended on […]
27 January 2021

Vratsa Mountans – a Hit Amongs The Film Directors

The Vratsa Balkan has become the background of hundreds of photos. Thousands of tourists passing through the city have left their sighs under the unique cliffs, […]
27 January 2021

A Magic Verse about the First Snow was Bequeathed by Tsvetan Angelov from Vratsa

As soon as the first white snowflakes appear, both young and old begin to sing a favorite song. The verses about Snezhko (Snowy) and Sharo, who […]
27 January 2021

“FREEDOM” for Vratsa, embroidered by sisters Mitsa and Kalitsa

he word “Freedom” is the only one embroidered on the flag of the Vratsa rebels from the time of the April Uprising. And if the rebels’ […]
27 January 2021

Vratsa’s beauty: From Lyuba Yotsova to Radost Todorova

You’ve probably heard about the beautiful woman from Vratsa. She has pure class and finesse, and when she attends any celebration even the biggest names – […]
27 January 2021

In the Beginning of the 20th Century: New Fashion was Imposed by Citizens of Vratsa in Welcoming Christmas Eve and Christmas

The tourists of Vratsa imposed a new, modern tradition in welcoming Christmas Eve in the early twentieth century. Vessela Pelova tells us how the locals […]
27 January 2021

The Blood Rock Near Vratsata Pass

The Vratsata pass is just a stone-throw away from the city of Vratsa. It is a narrow passage amidst the tall cliffs. At noon, the right […]
23 December 2020

The hut above Vratsa was built with donations and voluntary work

The Hut has become a symbol of Vratsa. It is one of the well-beloved spots by locals and visitors alike, and a popular location for hiking […]
23 March 2020

Vratsa region and the strongholds of faith

Pilgrimage and humility have gone hand in hand throughout the history of the Bulgarian people. Pilgrimage is a spiritual journey to oneself although people travel all the way to holy places in some way connected with religion. For Bulgaria, these are primarily our Orthodox monasteries.
23 March 2020

Andrey Nikolov The sculptor who found Bulgaria too small

At the dawn of the 20th century, a poor Bulgarian student named Andrei Nikolov, arrived in Paris having won a scholarship to train in sculpture. Tutored by the great Antoine Mercier, Nikolov would provide the national art of sculpture with European dimension. Born in Vratsa in 1878, the sculptor is one of the most prominent figures on the Bulgarian cultural scene.
23 March 2020

Vratsa Mountain

Vratsa is inseparable from its mountain - except that it can be seen from any point, the paths, which climb through stunning views to rocky ridges, waterfalls, historical sites and wild spots begin literally from the town's outer rim of houses or residential blocks.
23 March 2020

Vratsa – white and beautiful

Vratsa is a majestic city. The chalk crags of Stara Planina (the Old Mountain) rise on one side of it, on the other valleys stretch all the way to the Danube, with the town in between living amidst its stunning ancient heritage and its present day-to-day with delicious food for body and soul.