23 December 2020

The hut above Vratsa was built with donations and voluntary work

The Hut has become a symbol of Vratsa. It is one of the well-beloved spots by locals and visitors alike, and a popular location for hiking […]
23 March 2020

Vratsa region and the strongholds of faith

Pilgrimage and humility have gone hand in hand throughout the history of the Bulgarian people. Pilgrimage is a spiritual journey to oneself although people travel all the way to holy places in some way connected with religion. For Bulgaria, these are primarily our Orthodox monasteries.
23 March 2020

Andrey Nikolov The sculptor who found Bulgaria too small

At the dawn of the 20th century, a poor Bulgarian student named Andrei Nikolov, arrived in Paris having won a scholarship to train in sculpture. Tutored by the great Antoine Mercier, Nikolov would provide the national art of sculpture with European dimension. Born in Vratsa in 1878, the sculptor is one of the most prominent figures on the Bulgarian cultural scene.
23 March 2020

Vratsa Mountain

Vratsa is inseparable from its mountain - except that it can be seen from any point, the paths, which climb through stunning views to rocky ridges, waterfalls, historical sites and wild spots begin literally from the town's outer rim of houses or residential blocks.
23 March 2020

Vratsa – white and beautiful

Vratsa is a majestic city. The chalk crags of Stara Planina (the Old Mountain) rise on one side of it, on the other valleys stretch all the way to the Danube, with the town in between living amidst its stunning ancient heritage and its present day-to-day with delicious food for body and soul.