Treasure hunt – Regional History Museum, Vratsa

Have you been able to forget for a whole hour during your waking hours that you live in a 21st century world replete with smart phones? Have you ever tried to track a treasure trove or to read mysterious ancient symbols? For those who haven't and would like to experience an adventure on a par with those of Indiana Jones, don't miss the Treasure Hunters game at Vratsa's Regional History Museum.

Buying a ticket for the museum is the single thing you must do to get involved in the game!

Once in the central lobby, look out for the wooden box that says "Museum Challenge". Grab a scroll and embark on a treasure hunt: each Individual scroll has photos of two of the most interesting museum exhibits and your task is to find and then describe them, e.g. which era they come from, where they were found or some interesting facts related to them.

The "treasure hunter" sensation is really rewarding; plus, you will get some valuable knowledge about Bulgarian history.

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The treasure hunting game can also be offered to visiting groups of schoolchildren.

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