Sightseeing train – Vratsa

The sightseeing train is a recent offer to Vratsa visitors. Take advantage of it, especially if you are in town with children!

The starting stop is Macedonia Square (also named Sumi after Vratsa's twin-town in Ukraine) next to the Billa supermarket, and the terminal is the Lower Station of Vratsa's defunct lift, just out of Zgorigrad. The return route goes back to Macedonia Square.

The train provides an opportunity to get acquainted with Vratsa's central parts and reach the mountain's foothill, Zgorigrad, which is also the launch pad of quite a few hiking trails. The train runs by Vratsata pass, Vratsa's rocky emblem, and can be asked to stop next to it, not far from the camping and picnic areas.

The train can also get you to three attractive trails:

  1. The so-called Heritage Trail leading to the Vratsata fortress, which offers you an encounter with Vratsa's oldest history.
  2. The outstandingly picturesque Vratsa - Ledenika Cave trail, which is well marked, suitable for family hikes with children and replete with relax spots along the way like springs, picnic areas and views of Vratsa.
  3. Borov Kamak eco trail - one of the most extreme and attractive eco trails nationwide. The trail starts at Zgorigrad's far end, about 3 km (45 min) from the Sightseeing train terminal.

Useful information:

On weekdays, the Sightseeing train operates from 4 pm to 7 pm (last journey). On national holidays and at weekends - from 10 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Its whole route takes about 30 minutes. The train has a capacity of 40 seats. Ticket prices are: BGN 2 for adults, BGN 1.50 for schoolchildren and pensioners and BGN 1 for children aged 4-7. Citizens will be duly informed in case of time schedule amendments. The train can also be rented for 80 BGN to your desired destination, e.g. nearby villages or attractions.

Up-to-date train schedule-related information can be found on Vratsa Municipality website:

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