Flights over Vratsa by hang glider, paraglider and motor-glider

Would you like to hover like a bird over town and mountain and feel the adrenaline rush of this unforgettable sensation? Or you might want to surprise a loved one and give them a gift in the form of a dream come true? Come to Vratsa and throw your lot with one of the most experienced training pilots in the country.

Your safety and adrenaline rush experience will be taken care of by Angel Katsarski, a glider instructor since 1988 and a hang glider pilot since 1987. Katsarski won his first hang gliding Republican champion title in 1994 in both the individual and group rankings. In 2019, he came second in the individual ranking.

Depending on your level of training, experience and drive, you can choose from the following gliding experiences:

  1. Inception motor-glider flight over Vratsa Mountain (15 min)

    Requires no prior qualification, coach-accompanied, after brief instruction and equipping.

  2. Paraglider or hang glider training - 2 days/a weekend

    Training sessions are carried out in the vicinity of Vratsa, depending on the weather.

  3. Advanced paraglider flights

For information and bookings:

Angel Katsarski, 0878 180 016, [email protected]

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