A forest fairy tale path

If you are coming to the Vratsa area with children, be sure to surprise them with a walk along the Fairy Tale Path, a special venture by the Vratsa Mountain Park management. Well laid out signboards lead the way along the path, enticing the imagination of young visitors with stories of unexpected end and fun games. The idea of their authors is that there are no "bad" animals in the mountain. The bear, the wolf and even the snake all have their role in the forest system and they all help to maintain nature's balance. a fairy-tale wooden hut awaits children hidden in the forest, with Masha and her bear or Baba Yaga at the ready to peek out any time!

Useful information:

The path starts just in front of the Gorski Dom Lodge, on the asphalt road to Parshevitsa Lodge. It is also marked by a portal with a wooden signboard. The route runs almost in a circle can be traversed within 30 minutes without strain. But please set apart some more time for fun and games.

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