Restaurant “Thracian Princess”

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1 April 2021
The “Two ovens”
1 April 2021

In the cafe-restaurant “Thracian Princess” we strive to offer above all healthy and environmentally friendly food.

A serious place in the menu is given to fish, starting with sea bass and gilthead seabream and to trout and salmon. We also offer the classic shrimp from our southern neighbor. The main dishes can satisfy even the most capricious tastes, as both classic and non-traditional recipes prepared from beef, chicken, pork, and lamb. Attention is also paid to the vegetarian main dishes and freshly prepared Italian pasta.

One of the great advantages of the cafe-restaurant “Thracian Princess” is its own confectionery shop, daily supplying us with very fresh culinary temptations, which attract the attention of the visitor as soon as they enter the restaurant. Our cakes, creams, and tiramisu are not inferior to their Italian originals.

There is almost nothing missing from the bar. Slender rows of cocktail liqueurs show the desire of the “Thracian Princess” to be elite in this aspect as well. Our bartenders show enviable mastery in combining them.

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