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The article reveals a little-known route in the Vrachan Balkan, enriched with vulture watching and mountain walking. The author shares his experience on a hot July day, including pleasant scents of water mint and oregano in the surroundings.
In mid-June we made an interesting excursion to Vratsa, focusing on the less known but impressive waterfalls - Vrachanska Skaklya and Borov Kamak, which are among the highest in Bulgaria.
In this article about active tourism in Vratsa you will find the right tips on what to visit in two days if you go to the city for the first time - at the weekend or on weekdays, where to start and what to expect.
Vratsa, a city in Northwest Bulgaria, offers a unique experience where history, nature and culture intertwine in the heart of the city.
The renovated hall of the Regional Museum of History in Vratsa, dedicated to the treasures of Vratsa, offers an exciting experience with its modern design, clever arrangement and interactive presentation of the history of Thracian cultures.
Magazine 360Mag describe and give impressions of the Botev mountaineering.

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