Vratsa - Skaklya - Patleina - Izbata - Okolchitsa

On the street above the "Fire Safety" Service (or past the "Hr. Botev" Medical Center) you exit at the end of the city at the "Zora" home for the elderly. The trail passes an abandoned limestone quarry and turns left, crossing the streambed descending from the falls. With a slight ascent, it leads to a karst spring, where it crosses the stream again and begins to climb steeply to the waterfall. After reaching its foot, the path turns sharply to the left, overcomes a very steep section, passing the entrance of a large but shallow cave and leads to a large meadow at the top of the rock ridge, where there is a recreation area with benches and a table. The path turns to the right and in a south-westerly direction through paddy fields leads to spacious pastures with pens in the town of Patleina. Continue upstream and reach a large karst spring, where there is also a recreation area. From here, there is a gentle ascent in a southeasterly direction along a road and a fork is reached - in the west-southwest direction, the road turns to x. Debris. Continue along the road straight ahead, which climbs to the Tsarevo livage area and through the areas of Izbata and Kleno leads to the road, on the left for about 10 minutes you reach the monument of Mount Okolchitsa.

Next to the "Zora" nursing home.


снимки на Vratsa - Skaklya - Patleina - Izbata - Okolchitsa

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