Okolchitsa - Pogledets - Rashov dol - Lyutibrod

From the monument near Okolchitsa peak, follow the road to Vratsa. After about 40 minutes, turn to the left and through a vast paddy field, past the cowshed, the path descends to the town of Pogledets, where a gazebo has been built. The descent continues through the town of Krivulio and past the "Pogledets" shelter, crossing the serpentines of the road and turning to the right at a characteristic sharp bend in the road (Pankovata Kriva). It continues to the Promkata area, from where there is a steep descent to the Rashov dol area. Along a wide alley, you get on the road from the village of Lyutibrod to Vratsa, cross the railway line and go down to the village of Lyutibrod along the famous rock formation Ritlite.

There are two variations on this route.

Option 1
Pankovata Kriva area - Krasta area - 60 minutes

It starts from the area of Pankovata kriva (at the "Petko and Gergo" children's recreation area, located at the exit from the village of Chelopek towards Okolchitsa peak) and reaches a wooden cross, which is located above the Cherepish station. From the place there are magnificent views of the Cherepish Monastery, the village of Lyutibrod and the Natural Landmark "Ritlite". The route is well marked, relatively easy and with a small gradient. There is a recreation area with tables and benches. It takes one hour to walk. The return is the same way.

Option 2
Pankovata Kriva Area - Lyutibrod village - 35 minutes

The path starts from the Pankovata kriva area and goes down to the village of Lyutibrod near the last houses on the asphalt road to the village of Chelopek. The exit of the path is above the station in the village of Lyutibrod. Along the route there is a rest area with a table and benches.

Directorate of Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park expresses special thanks to Krasimir Tsekov for marking and improving the two routes described above.

Okolchitsa hut


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