The Griffon Vulture Educational route

The path will draw you into the mysterious world of some little-known birds in Bulgaria - the vultures. It passes near the specially built cage (aviary) for the adaptation of griffon vultures imported from Spain, with the aim of restoring their population in the Vracan Balkan.
   The route will not only provide you with interesting information, but also give you the opportunity to meet griffon vultures live from the specially built observation post and other suitable observation points. When crossing the path, follow the markings and do not disturb the vultures.
The route starts from the village of Dolno Ozirovo, climbs to the aviary and ends in the Izvora area at the foot of the Kotlya rock massif, where you can rest and refresh yourself with cold mountain water.

Dolno Ozirovo village

By car, 26 km from Vratsa.


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