Prikazkite Forest Trail

The forest trail of fairy tales was built in 2001 and became one of the most visited attractions in the park. It is preferred by both school groups and families and individual tourists. The updated version of the trail will surprise visitors with new fairy-tale characters, stories with unexpected endings and entertaining games. A main theme that leads the little visitors to the forest is that, unlike the fairy-tale characters, there are no "bad" animals in the mountains. The bear, the wolf and even the snake have their role in the forest system and they all help to maintain the natural balance.

Along the route, you will see the house of Baba Yaga, a house of fairy-tale characters, a photo frame, a stage for a fairy-tale theater and corners for recreation and games.

Have a nice walk!

Gorski Dom area (before Parshevitsa hut)

By car or on foot, 20 km from Vratsa.


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