Ochin dol - Parshevitsa

From the village square, a steep street climbs to the town of Presvetica in the northern end of the village, where the remains of an early Christian temple from the 5th-6th centuries were discovered. It continues to gain height on the road through Rachova livada towards the town of Padesh. From here, the path goes north along the ridge of Tomovski rut and passes through the area of Goren Kluch, where a small stone shelter has been built. It is cut from the east in Ostra Mogila, and enters the wide Kuzmanishki valog. To the right you can see the slopes of the Kobilina walls, to the left is Beglichka mogila, the summit of the Vrachan mountain. From here, in about 30 minutes, go down to Parshevitsa hut.
The marking is yellow.

Ochin Dol village


снимки на Ochin dol - Parshevitsa

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