Lakatnik station - Milanovo village - Parshevitsa hut

The route starts from the Zhitolyub karst spring opposite the Lakatnik station. A well-designed walkway with railings and places to relax meanders along the Black Wall and leads to the Alpine meadow, where a shelter and relaxation areas have been built. A wide alley leads to the Black Wall on the right. In the upper part of the rock, on iron beams, an alpine shelter, Eagle's Nest, was built. The route continues along an alley to the right, which leads to the monument to the Septuagints. From there, in a northerly direction along the ridge, you pass through the old hamlets of Rzhishta, Prapor, Mzhzen del and Lak and reach the village of Milanovo. From the center of the village, take the road to Vratsa. The path in many places crosses the serpentines of the road and passes through the forest. Pass through the town of Korita and reach the town of Kalichina bara and Parshevitsa hut.

Lakatnik station

By car or train.


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