Botev pat - Vratsa - Yolkovitsa - Okolchitsa

It starts near the turnoff for the village of Pavolche on the Vratsa-Sofia road. It climbs along a forest road to a small terraced meadow in the town of Kurdovitsa. With several serpentines, the path leads to a vast meadow - the Taushanitsa area, after which it re-enters the forest and leads along a small stream to the Leskovo well. From here, the path turns left, starts to climb steeply through a beech forest, leads to beautiful meadows in the Tsarevo livage area and then to Izbata area - an extensive sloping pasture with a large fountain. It continues along a stony road, from which after the bend a path leads to the frontal place of Hr. Botev in Yolkovitsa.

The route is marked with stone columns and yellow markings

the town of Vratsa, the branch for the village of Pavolche


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