Borov Kamak Trail

A dynamic and very popular route from Red Square Vratsa to Borov Kamak.

The route starts from the end of the village of Zgorigrad and follows the canyon of the Leva River. Wooden bridges, numerous stairs and railings built on both sides of the river lead to the 63 m high Borov Kamak waterfall. The path passes directly below the waterfall and climbs a wooden ladder to the right. An observation platform has been built above the waterfall. Next is a beautiful meadow with a wooden shelter and a barbecue.

You have the following options to continue: 1. along the marked path to x. Parshevitsa - 1 hour; 2. along the path marked with green color to the village of Zgorigrad – 2 hours; 3. along the red-marked trail to Okolchitsa Peak – 4 hours.

The starting point of this route is the end of the village of Zgorigrad /the road to the mine/.

At the designated starting point of the Red Square (to Red Square supermarket) has free parking available where you can park a car. If you prefer, you can walk to the starting point.


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