Mare cliffs

The Vratsa Balkan impresses with its terrain and the variety of shapes. There are so many views that take the tourist’s breath away. But there is a place in the mountains that will enchant you and make you exclaim "It's amazing!.

This is the little-known rock phenomenon Kobilini steni (Mare cliffs) - a series of impressive, almost vertical rock crowns of different heights, oriented towards the Iskar Gorge and located in a southern and southwestern direction. They are located just below the highest peak of Vratsa Mountain - Beglichka Mogila. Millions of years ago they were at the bottom of an ancient sea, so the rocks are sedimentary and are formed by the shells of ancient marine life. You can clearly see the rock layers, folded under the influence of the movements of the earth's crust, that turned the former seabed into steep hills.

Kobilini steni are hard to reach from the south, through the villages of Ochindol and Opletnya, but they are only 40-minutes from the Parshevitsa hut. The hut itself can be reached by a newly repaired road.

A herd of wild horses grazed meekly in the meadows, strewn with flowers in the spring. The trail also passes by Beglichka Mogila, which looks like a low hill from Parshevitsa. Along the trail, in addition to the horses, you will also see cyclists - lovers of the extreme. They like the steep path that descends to the villages below.

The meadows between the hut and Beglichka Mogila peak suddenly end at the vertical walls. A panorama of the sea of ​​slopes opens up. It folds towards the gorge like waves. The small hill, slightly protruding in front of the rock walls, allows everyone to capture the vista in impressive photos. In October, the slopes are painted in the golden nuances. They are green in spring, with the fluffy white of the fruit trees that fled from the village yards to the mountains. If you come in late autumn, the villages and the slopes of the Iskar gorge are hidden by the thick fogs, over which the sun shines. In winter, the sparkling snow makes the view almost surreal.

Viewed from the nearby villages, the rocky walls look like an impregnable giant fortress - local legends connect the place with the myths of Krali Marko. Stories of treasure hunters claim that Valtchan Voyvoda hid his treasures at the Kobilini Steni. Many tried to reach, but could not, because it was guarded by a terrible dragon with glowing eyes.

It would take about 2-3 hours if you decide to reach the Kobilini Steni from the villages of Opletnya or Ochindol. The top is steep, but at the top you will get a real reward for your efforts!

Useful information:

Parshevitsa hut is located next to the Parshevitsa dairy complex, which is not hospitable for tourists, but in the hut, you can find hot drinks and soups, as well as barbecue and French fries. But be patient, you may have to wait. Next to the hut there is a small lift and a ski slope. You can contact Parshevitsa at 0878103 870.

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