Ledenika – the pride of our Balkan

Botev’s notebook in the digital archive
30 March 2021

The first excursion to the cave Ledenitsata took place on June 18, 1900, by the newly formed Veslets Tourist Association. And this is how today's natural landmark was opened as a tourist site for its first visitors - the Vratsa tourists, says Vessela Pelova from the State Archives - Vratsa.

There are not many tourist attractions that remember the exact "date of birth", such as the Ledenika cave, says kartanavremeto-vratsa.org. As early as 1902, the tourists from Vratsa proudly recorded in the excursion diary the visit of the first 47 guests to the cave. Thanks to them, it became the "famous Ledenika Cave - the pride of our Balkan." Until then, it was just a scary hole that was known only to the shepherds and innkeepers who extracted ice from there. As a reason for attracting so many guests, the reports proudly point out that the tourists themselves contributed to this: "with the fantastic description of this cave by those who had visited it and the effort of the board to invite as many guests as possible."

Ledenitsa Cave, as it has been known for decades, occupies a worthy place in the first “business” card of Vratsa, along with Botev and other famous landmarks like Vratsata and the Hut. This “business card”, made by the Veslets Society, sounded like this: "Vratsa shelters the place of death of the giant of Bulgarian mind - Hristo Botev, hides in the famous Ledenika Cave in the wonderful Balkan, decorated with the wonderful Vratsata cliffs and the Tourist House."

It took decades for something new to be added to it. Only the Thracian treasures are worthy to stand side by side in the business card of Vratsa. Meanwhile, Ledenitsa updated its name of the Ledenika, but still remains in the business card of the city. And its multifunctional application is supplemented and expanded over the years as a symbol of cold drinks. From the advertisements of the cold boza of the First Motor boza brewery "Ledenika", to the beer brand "Ledenika", it generously offers coolness in the summer heat even to those who do not climb the Vratsa Balkans.

Photo: kartanavremeto-vratsa.org

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