Knigini Association

Knigini Association was established in early 2019 by three young and creative ladies from Vratsa. Maria Doncheva, Parvoleta Nikolova, and Diana Yordanova started their work with the idea for a vision change in the Northwest, based on cultural identity and the respect for literature. Right after the start of their activities, they announced their boldest idea - to turn the Balkan village of Chelopek, located below the historic peak of Vola, into the first Bulgarian "Book Village". No obstacle could hinder the ambitious idea and enthusiasm of the young "Knigini" and only a few months later - in November 2019 - the village Chelopek became the first Bulgarian member of the International Organisation of Booktowns.

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The initiative has already found dozens of supporters and is becoming an inspiration to the local population.

Knigini Association has several clear goals:

  • To create the first book village in Bulgaria;
  • To breathe new life into old books;
  • To promote Bulgarian literature at an international level;
  • To promote the natural and cultural-historical landmarks of Vratsa and the region.

The fruit of their hard and dedicated work is zvor Bookstore, Chelopek village and the VR movie „"Destination Vratsa - greatness and beauty in 360 °" °“
You can visit the bookstore as well as enjoy the augmented reality video.


e-mail: [email protected]
0889 707089 –Diana Yordanova
0897 905600 – Maria Doncheva
0884 288814 –Parvoleta Nikolova

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