Guide: From A-Z for every tourist in Vratsa

Are you planning a trip to Vratsa or somewhere else in Bulgaria? This guide is the perfect read for you.

Sustainable tourism in Vratsa (and everywhere else)

Read the story of Grace Evans, an American living in Bulgaria, who contributes and spreads the idea of ​​sustainable tourism in the city of Vratsa.

Botev's notebook in digital format

Explore Botev's notebook through the power of new technologies!

Ledenika - the pride of Vratsa Balkan

Find out more about the jewel of Vratsa Balkan - Ledenika Cave!

Nikola Voivodov – the man from Vratsa who inspired Botev

Learn more about Nikola Voivodov – the man from Vratsa who inspired Botev!

The rock legends of Kral-bair, the Chariot, The carriages

Immerse yourself in the rock legends of the Vrachan Balkan!

Skaklya of Vratsa amazed the Turkish pasha with its beauty

The amazing beauty of Skaklya waterfall.

Vratsa Balkan - a hit among filmmakers

Find out which films were shot in the Balkans of Vratsa!

"FREEDOM" for the locals, embroidered by sisters Mitsa and Kalitsa

Learn more about the first Vratsa flag "Freedom"!

Vestitel Complex (Hizhata) above Vratsa - built with donations and voluntary work

The hut - an example of humanity and empathy!
Nothing more to show.

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