The St. Nicholas Metropolitan Church

The temple was built at the site of a small older church, built in 1858 according to contemporary Ottoman documents. The works for the new church began in 1865, with the entire Vratsa population  taking part. The temple was completed on July 21, 1867. The first icons in it were painted by the prominent artist Stanislav Dospevski in 1874. It has murals featuring St. St Cyril and Methodius, St. Prince Boris and the Reverend Paraskeva. The Lord Almighty looks down from the dome.

The eight-walled bell tower was erected in 1908. In 1930, a narthex was added to the northern entrance and later on the chapel was transformed into a separate building.

This is the largest church in Vratsa, with robust architecture and stylish interior. In 1977, the temple was designated a cathedral by the Reverend Metropolitan Kalinik of Vratsa. The mortal remains of all Vratsa Metropolitans are resting inside the church.

In present days, the church is a favoured among Vratsa locals for weddings and baptisms.

Useful information:

You will easily find the temple in the park behind Hristo Botev's monument in Vratsa's central square.

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