Statue of film maker Lyudmil Kirkov

A dozen of the most beloved films of all time for Bulgarians, e.g. An Orchestra without a Name, The Boy Goes Away, Matriarchy, The Peasant with the Bicycle, etc., were made by the Vratsa-born Lyudmil Kirkov (1933 - 1995). His bas-relief, opened 2019 (on 24 May, the day of Enlightenment and Cyrillic alphabet) was sculpted by Milen Kamenov.

The idea to make monument to Kirkov came from an initiative committee chaired by Philip Trifonov, the actor who played the lead role in the 1971 The Boy Goes Away. The bas-relief combines the form of film tape with a bust of the director. A water fountain was added underneath the statue, so that drinking from its water may become a symbolic bow to Kirkov's talent.

Having made fifteen cult works, Kirkov was one of the greats in the local film industry. The Vratsa limestone pedestal of his bas-relief features in gold letters the titles of all his films. Several of them were shot in his home town.

Useful information:

Kirkov's monument is located on a small square opposite the House of Science and Technology, in Polkovnik Lukashov Street.

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