God’s Bridge

One of the wonders of Vratsa region is the "God's Bridge", a natural limestone overpass hidden near the villages of Lilyache and Chiren, about 15 km from Vratsa.

The God's Bridge is the remains of a near-the-surface cave dug by the Lilyashka Stream, the arch being 20 m high and about 25 m wide. The rock formation is 125 m long and is one of the most beautiful limestone landmarks in the country. Legend has it that the gods wanted to walk over it in order to avoid wading through the river.

It is located in a valley below the Gradishte Roman fortress, with a small steep path leading to it; the latter starts about 10 meters after the fortress and midway has a small recreation and picnic area. With the stream drying up in summer, God's bridge is left with only a few pools underneath, chock-full of frogs. That is why the area is also known as Zhabockeck ('frog's croak').

The Ponora water cave is not far from the place, as well as a beauty spot called Tigancheto ('the frying pan') with several nice pools along the river.

Nearby is Chiren village and the Milin Kamak ridge - a historical site where the first battle of the legendary Botev Company Took place on 18 May, 1876.

Ways to get there:

From Vratsa take the road to Oryakhovo, then, about 15 km Into the journey, turn off to Chiren.

There is a sign on the fork to the bridge on the left-hand side. A concrete road into the field begins here, to branch off about 2 km further afield. Take the right prong all the way to a small parking lot where it is advisable to leave your car. Get to Gradishte Fortress on foot by the dirt road. The trail to God' Bridge starts just after Gradishte's last tower.

Useful information:

If you need a meal, we can recommend the Loznitsa Restaurant: apart from delicious traditional food, it offers a wonderful garden to relax in during the warm months.

GPS: 43º18’56.55”N 23º33’10.41”Е

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