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Grandma Iliytsa's house museum

Grandma Iliytsa’s house museum

Although foreigners unfamiliar with the work of the Bulgarian writer Ivan Vazov find it difficult to understand the popularity of grandma Iliytsa, there is hardly a Bulgarian who has not...

‘Grandpa Yotso is Watching’ Compound

Travelling through the Iskar Gorge, do not miss the spot from which the blind Vazov character "watched" endearingly the newly built railway, sharing his enthusiasm by famously saying...
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The St. Prophet Elijah Strupets Monastery

The monastery is located in a beautiful mountainous area in the vicinity of Strupets, near the meanders of Iskar down the northern slopes of the Old Mountain.

The Lakatnik Rocks

The Lakatnik (Osikovo) Rocks are a set of beautiful escarpments, slopes, pyramids, pillars, caves and karst springs located on the left bank of the Iskar River between the rivers Opletnenska and Proboinitsa.
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The Osenovlag Monastery "Holy Virgin" (Seven Thrones)

The Osenovlag, one of the most interesting monasteries nationwide, also known as the Seven Thrones...

Kaleto near Mezdra

While travelling to Vratsa on international road E-79 (coming from Botevgrad), do not miss the Kaleto Archaeological Site, located on the right-hand side, just before the turn-off to Mezdra.

Vratitsa Fortress

Vratitsa Fortress is located 1.5 km west of Vratsa, in the gorge of Leva River, just before the Vratsata limestone gorge. The fortress is presumably a remnant...

Okolchitsa – Khristo Botev’s National Park

There is hardly a Bulgarian who has not heard of the Okolchitsa peak in the Vratsa Mountain - in 1876, Khristo Botev and his company fought here their toughest...

The Cherepish Monastery “Assumption of the Virgin”

On your visit to the Vratsa region don't miss the famous Cherepish Monastery, occupying an important place in Bulgarian...

God’s Bridge

One of the wonders of Vratsa region is the "God's Bridge", a natural limestone overpass hidden near the villages of Lilyache and Chiren, about 15 km from Vratsa.

The Rittlite Rock sculptures

This is one of the most stunning rock formations of the Iskar Gorge. Rittlite (the Cart Ladder) is made of sheer cliffs, running straight down the steep southeast slope of the Vratsa Mountain, near Lyutibrod.

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