Hristo Botev and the "White Comites"

Follow the epic journey of Hristo Botev and the Boteva Cheta through legends and localities of the Vratsa Balkan

From the sandy beaches of Kozloduy to the mighty Vrachan Balkan, the songs and stories of Hristo Botev and his fearless Boteva troupe paint a picture of a journey unlike any other.

Imagine the daring descent of the squad, the fierce battle at Milin Kamak and the epic skirmishes in the Vrachan Balkans that will leave you on the edge of your seat. And let's not forget the moving moment of the tragic death of the voivode and the unforgettable battle at Rashov dol.

But that is not all because there is much more to this epic story. For more than a century, the tradition of the story has been kept alive by the locals, who continue to guide us along the "roads of salvation" and show us the rocks, caves and localities that have a special connection with the heroes of 1876.

Tales are many and varied, friends, each more impressive than the last. From Yamata to Vayo, from Cherepish Monastery to Baba Iliytsa and Maznevi koshari, there are countless versions of these legends, sometimes even contradicting each other. But one thing is certain, the stories about Hristo Botev and the Botev warriors will live forever, inspiring future generations.


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