Covid-19 – General Information about


Bulgaria is gradually opening up. Life slowly begins to return to its familiar rhythm. The city of Vratsa is ready to welcome anyone wishing to visit the hundreds of interesting and fascinating places of Northwestern Bulgaria. Follow this section regularly to learn about the latest measures we are taking to ensure your safe and comfortable experience called OpenVratsa.

Most importantly:

As of June 30th, all measures in Vratsa and the country have been lifted and the movement of goods and people is allowed without restrictions. Events of any kind are also permitted, subject to distance and disinfection measures. All museums, galleries, guest houses, hotels, restaurants, cafes and clubs are open.

We recommend:

• Keep a distance during your stay in Vratsa, whether you are waiting in line or attending an event;
• Wear a mask indoors or during events with a large number of visitors;
• When sneezing or coughing, use the bend of your elbow or a napkin, which you then throw in the trash;
• Wash your hands regularly and always bring a disinfectant to use if there is no other option;
• Avoid travelling or any contact with people if you feel unwell or if you cough;
• Avoid contact with wild or stray animals;
• Consume only food that has undergone heat treatment;
• Do not consume wild fruits and be sure to wash well the fruits and vegetables that you eat;
• Find out in advance about the measures taken by the place where you want to stay or want to visit;

If you have any doubts about yourself or your loved ones, call RHI Vratsa immediately on the phone or seek medical help on 112. Provide full assistance to the authorities, including information about where you have traveled in recent days and how many contacts you have had there.

Useful links: - Official site of Vratsa - Regional Health Inspection of Vratsa - Official source of information on measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 in Bulgaria - Official website of the Ministry of Health