Chaika Hotel

Camping “Sineva”
28 July 2020
“Villa Diamondo”
1 April 2021

Situated amidst unique nature, Chaika Hotel Complex is the pearl of the Vratsata Pass, an oasis of tranquility amidst the beauty and fresh air of the Vratsa Balkan.

The unique location makes it a favorite place not only for tourists and guests of the city but also for the people of Vratsa.

It is an incomparable pleasure to be surrounded by the impressive 400-meter sheer cliffs of the incredible natural phenomenon Vratsata – the highest on the Balkan Peninsula, to listen to the rustle of the small river Leva and at the same time to be only 500 meters from the central square of Vratsa.

To get to the city center and back, however, you do not need to climb. The road is flat and the area is a nature park and you can enjoy an exclusive walk with designated areas.

One of the most beautiful routes to the hotel complex “Seagull” is a picturesque bike lane, which begins near the central square of the city. About 1 km long, the trail reveals incredible views of the rock phenomena of the Vratsa Balkans and ends meters from the hotel.

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