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13 May 2021

Water Adventures

Xplore Wild
30 March 2021

Go-Kart Track

The renovated go-kart track "B&S Racing team" is located in the sports complex of Vratsa, just next to the "Hristo Botev" stadium. The track has both children go-karts for young sports fans, and single or double go-karts suitable for parents or grown thrill-seekers. Fans of motorsports can come with their own motorcycles and equipment. The track has a timer that allows you to record your results, which you can see and improve with each visit. The price is determined according to the time - 10 minutes costs 20 leva. The working hours are from 10 am to 7 pm. with no day off. During working hours, a smiling staff awaits you, ready to answer your questions and assist when needed. If you are a fan of extreme sports and good moments, then this is your place! We are expecting you!
3 April 2020

Make a clay pot on your own

Do you know that there is a place in Vratsa where you can make a clay pot of your own ? Whatever object you sculpture, it won't just be a souvenir to put on the shelf, but one you will be able to use or present as a gift to a loved one, with your good wishes and initials. You can do all this in the pottery of Kuman Zhekov seated at the entrance of the Sofronii Vrachanski Compound.
3 April 2020

Treasure hunt – Regional History Museum, Vratsa

Have you been able to forget for a whole hour during your waking hours that you live in a 21st century world replete with smart phones? Have you ever tried to track a treasure trove or to read mysterious ancient symbols? For those who haven't and would like to experience an adventure on a par with those of Indiana Jones, don't miss the Treasure Hunters game at Vratsa's Regional History Museum.
3 April 2020

Horse riding in the Vratsa Mountain

Horseback riding enthusiasts can combine their vacation in the region with the pleasure of practicing their favourite hobby. Vratsa Horse Riding Club offers various opportunities for both beginners and advanced riders - from a 15 minute mounted walk to several days of riding across the beautiful Vratsa Mountain.
2 April 2020

Sightseeing train – Vratsa

The sightseeing train is a recent offer to Vratsa visitors. Take advantage of it, especially if you are in town with children! The starting stop is Macedonia Square (also named Sumi after Vratsa's twin-town in Ukraine) next to the Billa supermarket, and the terminal is the Lower Station of Vratsa's defunct lift, just out of Zgorigrad. The return route goes back to Macedonia Square.
2 April 2020

Flights over Vratsa by hang glider, paraglider and motor-glider

Would you like to hover like a bird over town and mountain and feel the adrenaline rush of this unforgettable sensation? Or you might want to surprise a loved one and give them a gift in the form of a dream come true? Come to Vratsa and throw your lot with one of the most experienced training pilots in the country.