Balloon Flights

The balloon flight over the Belogradchik rocks last about an hour. We take off from a very beautiful meadow between the rocks only 2 minutes away from the Fairground - Belogradchik’s central square.

The balloon basket holds an average of 4 passengers. We fly low over the rocks and then high with the direction and strength of the wind. Free ballooning is a real adventure, and those who dare to get in a balloon for the first time then receive an honorary title at a special ceremony. We land in a place different from the one we took off from, but the ground crew of the balloon takes us back to the take-off location by land with the help of an ordinary car.

Hot air ballooning is one of the safest air adventures and at the same time perhaps the most relaxing and enjoyable. Balloon flights take action in the early morning or evening, when the wind is the calmest and floats smoothly at wind speed.

The balloon rises due to the heating of the hot air in its dome and decreases when the air cools. At different heights there are air layers that move in different directions at different speeds and this allows the pilot to steer the direction of movement to some extent. Landing takes place in the field, by controlled release of hot air through a large valve at the top of the balloon. After their first flight passengers participate in a special ceremony.

The balloon basket normally accommodates 4 passengers for a morning flights and 2-3 for an afternoon flight, depending on several factors. In all cases, the balloon is operated by a pilot. Ballooning is a great way to combat the fear of heights, as long as that fear isn’t too great. A person who can stand calmly on the terrace on the 5th floor without having his legs cut off can fly calmly with a balloon. Children under 6 fly only if they are not afraid of the noise of the burner and always accompanied.

When rising with a balloon to a height of 1000 m above the ground, the temperature in the basket does not change much, for the following reasons: it is usually sunny and the wind is weak, and the balloon moves with the direction of the wind and, so it is practically absent. The burner also warms the heads of taller passengers, so no special warmer clothing is required. It is enough to dress comfortably and wear sports shoes.

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