Oryahovo Historical Museum offers an entertaining sports archery service. It takes place in the area of ​​the medieval fortress "Kamaka" (The Stone), located 1 km to the west of the city center.
You will be greeted on the spot by two trained instructors who will teach and show you how to shoot at a target. The bows are tailored to the different age and physical characteristics of visitors, comfortable and easy to shoot for beginners over 6 years of age.
The pleasure of archery is complemented by a walk around the medieval ruins and the tower of the fortress. In ancient times it welcomed the knights of Hungarian King Sigismund and the soldiers of Vlad the Impaler, also known as Count Dracula. The beautiful panoramic view of the Danube River fascinates every visitor of the historic site.

Working hours: Every Saturday from May to September - 2.00 - 6.00 PM.

Price list:

7 arrows - 1 lev
15 arrows - 2 levs
Monthly fee - 10 levs including four visits and the right of 25 arrows per visit


For more information:

Evgenia Naidenova

087 999 51 46

[email protected]

Useful information:

While you are in Oryahovo, visit the Historical Museum, which has four sites to visit - a central building with exhibitions "Archeology" and "Renaissance", Ethnographic House, "Diko Iliev and Brass Music" Museum and Art Gallery "Prof. Marin Varbanov ”.

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