VR movie "Destination Vratsa - grandeur and beauty in 360°"

Discover the emotions, gain experience and knowledge in "Knigini": The first book village in Bulgaria!

Are you looking for an emotion, a memorable experience and new knowledge? For you, your family, friends, colleagues, the place is the "Books" center - in the village of Chelopek in Vrachan - the first Bulgarian village of the book. Association "Knigini" are the creators of the first Bulgarian book village - the village of Chelopek, a full member of the International Organization of Book Towns (International Organization of Book Towns), the bookshop with a mission - Bookstore "Izvor", the village of Chelopek / Izvor Bookshop. The association breathes life into the closed kindergarten in the village of Vratsa, transforming it into the current "Knigini" center. Among their missions is to breathe new life into old and used books, to revive old and disappearing crafts in Bulgaria, such as the craft of bookbinding, and also to support people in disadvantaged situations, with this goal they created the Dobrini Workshop Social Enterprise , in which disadvantaged women from the village of Chelopek create. 


  • the emotion of pushing your limits;
  • VR adventures;
  • the moment you will create your creation;
  • the moment you discover your work, new knowledge and/or skill.


Choose between different creative workshops, language and financial challenges and practical knowledge, the materials for which are provided by us.

  • Paper recycling workshop;
  • Workshop to create works of Scandinavian moss, wax and soap;
  • Workshop for making cards, letters, posters;
  • Virtual walk in the Vratsa region - "Destination Vratsa - greatness and beauty in 360°";
  • virtual reality games;
  • Creative writing;
  • Finance for children;
  • Latin in our everyday life;
  • Attractive photos with unique art installations.

With us you can also:

  • celebrate your birthday/name day by inviting friends and colleagues to a workshop on a topic of your choice;
  • conduct your team building;
  • conduct your event in a different and attractive way with added value

All workshops, workshops and activities require an email pre-order! The workshops are suitable for children over 5 years old and adults. To arrange a date, time range and details, write to an email!

More information about our activity can be seen here – knigini.com

0897 905600 – Maria Doncheva

0884 288814 – Parvoleta Nikolova

0878 874097 – Zornitsa Panayotova

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