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The balloon flight over the Belogradchik rocks lasts about an hour. We take off from a very beautiful clearing between the rocks just 2 minutes' walk from the central square in Belogradchik - the Fairground. A basket of the balloon collects 4 or 7 passengers. We fly low over the rocks and then high with the direction and strength of the wind. Free balloon flight is a real adventure, and those who dare to go up in a balloon for the first time are then awarded a title of nobility in a special ceremony. We land in a place different from where we took off from, but the balloon's ground crew takes us back on land using a regular vehicle.

Is hot air ballooning dangerous?

Hot air balloon flight is one of the safest aerial adventures and at the same time perhaps the most relaxing and enjoyable. The balloon is operated by a pilot. The balloon flies early in the morning or in the evening when the wind is calmest and drifts smoothly with the speed of the wind. It rises due to the warming of the hot air in its dome and descends as this air cools.

Children under 6 fly only if they are not afraid of the noise of the burner and always with a companion. When ascending with a balloon to a height of up to 1000m above the ground, the temperature in the basket does not change much.

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