Flights over Vratsa and Vratsa Balkan

See Vratsa and the Balkans from a bird's eye view and feel the adrenaline!

Do you want to soar like a bird over the city and the mountains! Feel the adrenaline of this unforgettable experience? Or maybe you want to surprise a loved one and give him a feeling that will make his dreams come true? Come to Vratsa and trust one of the most experienced pilot-instructors in the country. 

Who will take care of me?

Your safety and adrenaline experience will be taken care of by Angel Katsarski, who has been flying hang gliders since 1987. He has been a hang gliding instructor since 1988. He won his first republican title in 1994 as a hang gliding champion in the individual and group classification. In 2019, he was second in the country in the individual race.

Depending on your training and experience, as well as your desire, you can choose

  1. Familiarization flight over the Vrachan Balkans with a hang glider (15 min)
    It does not require prior training, you fly with the instructor after a short briefing and equipment.
  2. Paragliding or hang gliding training - 2 days/weekend 
    The training takes place in the vicinity of Vratsa, depending on the weather conditions.
  3. Advanced paragliding.

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