The "fun season" in Vratsa starts from Nikulden

The beginning of the entertainment season in Vratsa with the Nikulden holiday!

The most special place in the holiday calendar of Vrachani is occupied by the so-called "Fun Season". It began on Nicholas Day and ended on "Tudor Sunday" - the first week of Great Lent. Until the middle of the 20th century, the tradition of festive winter fun represented a "fifth", off-calendar season. It lasts three whole months - generously populated with religious, traditional, official holidays and countless name days.

For the special place occupied by St. Nikola, says Vesela Pelova in the book "Holiday Folk Calendar from the Vrachan region" (2007).

The feast of Saint Nicholas is among the most cherished and loved holidays in the city under the Balkans since time immemorial. The patron saint of bankers, sailors and the cathedral church, he enjoyed enormous popularity in the otherwise arid and poor Vratsa. 

After the establishment of the community center in 1869, which established itself as a center of "fun", a festive highlight of Nikulden became the official opening of the "winter fun season" introduced by him. Therefore, the preparation of the program for the special party on the occasion of the opening of the season occupied a central place in the city and community life. For this purpose, a new play was prepared by the community theater troupe, and after it followed the long-awaited "cheerful part" - composed of "declamations and musical numbers". Because of the highly emotional and symbolic-festive nature of Nikulden, it was on December 6th that the new community center building was opened in 1893. The drama "Ivanku" and a special concert were prepared for the audience. Then Vratsa acquired a real stage and salon for his winter parties, which until then were held at the Ascension School, on a suitable stage.

The numerous charitable, professional and cultural societies and organizations of Vratsa eagerly awaited the opening of the season in order to reserve a date for renting the salon and organize a festive charity party for their members. The most desired were "Christmas and name days", but each of the other dates in the calendar of the community center until spring was reserved for parties of individual societies. There was a real competition for the commitment of each date.

On December 6, the sale of congratulatory holiday "cards" began. After the wars, Nikulden acquired another important role - on this day, young soldiers from the garrison began to take their military oath. The solemn ceremony was held with a military parade on "Hristo Botev" Square, where a church flag was erected and all city institutions, organizations and the entire citizenry were invited.

The trading company celebrates the day of St. Nicholas as its patron saint. Solemn consecration of the company's flag on Nikulden 1936 in the presence of many guests.


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